The Rise of Luxury Rentals: Going Beyond Hotel Suites and Cars

Sustainability and luxury have finally intersected, and the results are nothing short of smart. A true experiment in the sharing economy, luxury items like jewelry, furniture, and art are being made available for rent and return. 

Companies like Rent the Runway and Instant Luxe are putting high-end designer clothes and handbags within reach of smaller budgets and eco-conscious consumers alike. Lux Baby is also bringing luxury rentals into the forefront for cash-strapped parents who only need items for a season. The result is creating a new pattern of consumption that not only makes living the good life more affordable but also more sustainable. 

Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite luxury goods that deliver all the thrills without the price tag:

Curated Fine Jewelry

Beekman New York

Beekman New York brings luxury jewelry to the rental market with their curated collections. They borrow pieces from some of the finest jewelry houses in the country to help them receive the love and attention they deserve. 

Once you create an account, you can select your pieces and have them shipped to your door. Beekman also provides a label for easy return shipping.

Designer Party Table Settings

Social Studies

Anyone who has ever thrown a dinner party or celebration knows that elegance is in the details. However, those fine details can often cost a fortune, and that is not including food and music. 

Social Studies is changing luxury party planning for the better by bringing complete designer place settings to the table. Their collections include place cards, table runners, plates, flowers, candles, arrangements, and other essentials that are coordinated to look and work great together. 

Fine Art

Rise Art

Fine art rentals aren’t new, but Rise Art is putting work from independent artists into more hands with their luxury art rental service. Each time you rent an artwork, you earn credits toward an eventual purchase. Each rental also supports the independent artists who create them, with the ultimate goal of connecting more people with artists they want to support.

What would you like to see come to the luxury rental market?