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The Wildcatters Network does not receive compensation to create the original content featured throughout the site. All content is the opinion of Wildcatters Network, LLC and its team of writers and contributors, and all products, services, and businesses recommended on the site are personally and professionally endorsed by the Network. Our site does not publish sponsored or pre-written content, as we maintain that all viewpoints expressed on the site are the personal opinion of each contributor.

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The Wildcatters Network fully endorses every one of our chosen investments and is further committed to supporting these chosen investments. When such investments include a marketable product, it is our policy to offer free advertising on our site to the companies and products we are promoting on the investment platform.

In an effort to provide the free content on the site, the Wildcatters Network accepts paid advertising from relevant entities, which must be approved by our team. To inquire about advertising on the site, please contact us here.


The Wildcatters Network welcomes all basic members and does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, national original, sexual orientation or disability. Basic membership is offered to all who embrace the values and lifestyle of the Network. Platinum Membership is by invitation only and requires that users be Qualified Investors according to the appropriate state and federal regulations. Members agree to accept all responsibility for any and all activity conducted under their account. Approved Basic and Platinum members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the Network. All membership is conditional on proper conduct as deemed by the founder and board of advisors and may be revoked at any time if a user fails to participate according the terms and conditions listed herein.

All personal information collected as required for membership shall be kept private and may never be shared with any third party providers. The information provided by Basic and Platinum members will only be used for the sole purpose of conducting relevant business and communication as indicated by the individual user’s communication preferences.