Our Favorite Fort Collins, CO Restaurants

Fort Collins, Colorado has quite the food scene. It has become a key driver for day-trippers who need no other reason to visit the city than simply to experience its culinary creations. 

If you’re only here for a day with limited time and limited room in your stomach, these top four restaurants will give you the best experience, bite for bite.

Ginger and Baker

The iconic white brick building stands out on its own, setting strong expectations for the menu you will find inside. Their farm-to-fork menu offers all your favorite comfort foods, including meatloaf, country-fried steak, and fried chicken. Save room for dessert at their on-site market and bakery.

Union Bar and Soda Fountain

Inspired by the traditional soda fountains of yesteryear, Union Bar and Soda Fountain is serving up a heaping helping of nostalgia. Enjoy homemade hamburgers with freshly hand-crafted egg creams, sodas, and milkshakes on their upgraded patios. And if you’re in the mood for local beer and spirits, you’re in the right place. 

The Regional

It’s classic American comfort food at its absolute finest. The Regional offers something for everyone, from farm-fresh fried chicken to seafood favorites like oysters or shrimp and grits. Their wine menu is just as big as their food menu and equally impressive.  Suggested pairings are listed with every item to give you the best flavor with every meal. They also support a number of charitable organizations, so you can feel even better by eating locally.

Emporium Fort Collins

Mirrored after the brasseries of Europe, Emporium serves up warm hospitality with a community vibe. Higher-end eats like bison short ribs and fresh fish are typical staples here, with flavors and pairings bridging the best worlds of French and American cuisines. They host a number of events throughout the year, like their namesake monthly wine share program conducted by their in-house sommelier. Their onsite coffee shop, Bowerbird, provides an ideal place for meetings, remote work, or relaxing as you plan your next move.

Which of these are you most eager to try?