Soho House: Defining International Hospitality through Lifestyle Branding

Rich, upscale clubs have historically dotted London’s social scene, bringing together all of the area’s top socialites and an appetite for fineries and high society.

Soho House is not one of them. 

In fact, the iconic club was born from the notion that creatives also needed a space to network, share, collaborate, and get inspired. Given the number of creative types that were flocking to London’s Soho neighborhood during the 1990s, Soho House was a success story waiting to happen.

A Little Soho House History

Restaurateur Nick Jones opened the first Soho House in 1995 when space above his French cafe became available. The doorway was too small for a restaurant but was the perfect size to lead into a private club. The club’s creative roots were an instant success, thanks largely to the number of guests in the film and media industries that frequented the club.

Similar to other clubs in the area, Soho House boasted a members-only model, which only added to the allure. From creative, fantasy-like interiors to its cool, down-home vibe, the club was designed to discourage the likes of corporate suits. To this day, their flip on the exclusive business model is only getting stronger.

Original Soho House- London, UK

From Club to World-Class Brand

Soho House was never destined to remain solely in London, nor was it ever going to be limited to just a social club. Since their founding, they’ve become a world-renowned brand that inspires excellence in its members. 

Every location is unique, from the New York club where Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones made a lasting impression to the Soho Farmhouse in the Oxfordshire countryside where you can escape and relax with nary a skyscraper in sight. 

World-class amenities like pools, spas, cinema screening rooms, bars, lounges, tennis courts, and gyms signify their dedication to the well-rounded lifestyle. Whether you’re meeting an important client and want to impress or simply want to retreat and refocus, Soho House was made for you. 

Where to Experience Soho House

Soho House’s worldwide success has blossomed from its first location in London to an impressive 23 clubs in some of the world’s most illustrious cities, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Toronto. 

Today’s experience includes creative lounge spaces, world-class fare, and inspiring decor that remains a testament to the club’s early success that started it all.

Soho Farmhouse – Chipping Norton, UK
Electric Cinema Portobello- London, UK
Dumbo House- Brooklyn, NY