Halloween doesn’t have to be just for the kids! The kid in you still wants to celebrate the holiday too! Here are a few Halloween party themes and ideas for the grown ups.

Insane Asylum

This theme will work the doctor angle so order plenty of scrubs, creepy tools, mannequins, and fake blood. Fun add ons can include Jell-O shot syringes and test tubes filled with Bloody Marys.

Classic Movie Monsters

Start ordering your Frankenstein and Jason posters now! The classic movie angle is a great theme that allows for fun accessories like movie reels, a red carpet, cardboard cutouts, and TVs playing in every room.

Murder House

This one will really scare your guests! Amazon has quite the selection of fake bloody body parts that you can strategically place around the house along with crime tape and evidence numbers. Create your own crimes scenes in every corner.

For whatever theme you choose, having fun trivia games and giving out costume prizes creates an exciting evening for your guests! Don’t forget the dessert, adults love sweets too! Think: macarons.