Winc: Doubling Down on the Wine Industry

The wine industry has been experiencing its largest growth period in history. Studies show that Millennials are leading the charge and consuming so much wine that they are changing the way it’s sold.

At least, that’s part of what subscription wine company Winc is attributing to its growing success, and their business model is turning the heads of investors looking to cash in on a well-aging industry.

About Winc: The Modern Winery

Winc has turned the entire wine industry on its head with no regrets. One of the first wine subscription services, Winc features a stunning collection of wines from startup wineries that have yet to hit the supermarket shelves. Each wine is handpicked and curated for its members, and by taking a short six-question quiz, users can be perfectly paired with wine options that best suit their tastes.

Each subscription service includes a monthly delivery of four unique wines. Users also have a chance to assign star-ratings to the wines they try, part of Winc’s coveted data collection model that is fueling lucrative investment opportunities.

Winning Over Investors

Winc recently announced its first-ever public offering. Using the SeedInvest platform, Winc is offering a potentially lucrative opportunity to invest in high-potential wine startups. Investors will essentially own a piece of the winery alongside other venture partners.

The beauty of Winc’s investment model is its ability to collect and validate data on the wines they represent and vet them before scaling them to a broader national market. To date, they have represented more than 660 wines across 97 regions and 78 varieties of grapes, earning $200 million in revenue and a 195% compounded annual growth rate.

To attract investors, Winc is offering a number of perks, including a complimentary six-bottle pack of their flagship brands, cashback on purchases, referral incentives, early access to wine tastings and events, and the ability to help name upcoming products.

Fast Company recently named it one of the 50 most innovative companies of 2019.