Top 3 Private Jet Companies that Will Make You Want to Travel

Whether you are traveling across the country or around the world, there is no better way than to do it in style.

Private jet companies take much of the stress out of commercial travel. Sky-high airport parking fees, flight delays, lost luggage, and bag fees are nonexistent. Scheduling is flexible so you can take off for your adventure on your terms. And, every passenger is treated as a guest of honor.

These top three private jet companies have made their mark in aviation as the best thing ever to happen to air travel:


JetSuite perfectly embodies the lifestyles of the rich and famous, with every flight being one of luxury. They take great care to personalize every experience with individualized amenities and understated comfort. It’s truly the next best thing to having your own private jet without the costs of jet ownership.

Rest assured that their emphasis isn’t just on look and feel. They are also one of the safest private jet services. With two pilots per flight, gold-standard crew members, and a Platinum safety rating from independent safety auditors (fewer than 5% of private charters receive this designation), your journey is in good hands.


The oldest private jet company in the world has become a standard for other private charters. They have one of the biggest fleets and one of the largest airport networks of any private company, giving you the greatest flexibility in your travels.

NetJets offers three tiers of flight service, depending on your travel frequency:

Ideal for infrequent travelers, the JetCard programs let you purchase flight time in blocks of 25 hours at a time. You get the convenience of private charter and chance to experience NetJets without a long-term commitment.

For those that fly 50 hours or more in a year, you’ll want to consider either the NetJet Share or NetJet Lease programs. Similar in-flight benefits, the main difference is that you can choose whether to own a share of a jet. Payment structures and commitment terms vary between the programs, but both are suited for frequent annual travel.


PrivateFly is a network-based charter company that’s like the Uber of private jets. Rather than owning its own fleet, it has a pool of over 7,000  jets from around the world to pull from. Flyers can choose the type of aircraft and other features, and PrivateFly connects you with compatible options.

They also make it easy for you to receive and compare flight prices in real time. Flight operators that meet your criteria will send you quotes so you can pick the one that fits your needs.

Private Jet Companies Elevate Your Experience

The reasons for choosing private jet companies over traditional air travel are many. Convenience, flexibility, scheduling, and obvious stress-related benefits make it an attractive way to travel. Combining all of the above ensures an elevated experience that will make you want to travel more often. You may never go back to commercial airlines again.