Hotel EMC2: An Extraordinary Blend of Art, Science, and Hospitality

The Windy City is brimming with curiosities, but none are quite as intriguing as Hotel EMC2, a boutique hotel in downtown Chicago serving up inspiration, whimsy, and luxury to all who enter their doors. 

It’s hailed as the intersection of art and science, with a name taken from Einstein’s most iconic equation. From the outside in, the hotel is a modern marvel that attracts locals and travelers alike for a glimpse at its inner workings. 

A Modern Hotel Already Making History

A far cry from legendary hotels that have been serving guests for generations, Hotel EMC2 is one of the few new and modern hotels that is setting the standard for future history books. It opened its doors in 2017 in the Streeterville neighborhood, an area famous for its luxury retail, galleries, fine dining, and architecture. 

With a reputation as a high-end destination combined with Chicago’s history in architecture, it served as the perfect home for Hotel EMC2’s 195 guest rooms. Its close proximity to Northwestern University’s medical school inspired the architect to include elements from the school’s research labs and technology into the hotel’s design, fusing a beautiful blend of art and science into dreamy accommodations. 

The Guest Experience

The guest rooms set a new standard for high-end hotels, blending unique textures and colors with functionality. Each room has been designed to inspire, offering plush bedding, comfy workstations, and an open-glass “WetLab” (shower) to create your own spa-like experience from the privacy of your room.

They are also among the first hotels to incorporate robot service into the guest experience. In-room Amazon Alexa and robotic attendants Leo and Cleo are at your service to provide comfort, convenience, and an all-around memorable experience.

Eats and Entertainment

The creative culinary offerings perfectly complement the unique ecosystem of Hotel EMC2. Equal consideration is given to presentation and taste, with every dish reflecting the art and science the hotel stands for. Naturally, they’ve dubbed their cornerstone restaurant The Albert, in honor of Albert Einstein himself. 

For intellect, intimacy, and inspiration, Hotel EMC2 is at the intersection of it all.