HALL Wineries: A Napa Valley Family Legacy

Social activist, political ambassador, businesswoman, winery legend — Kathryn Hall has crafted quite the resume over her illustrious career. Having grown roots in the wine business early in her life, Kathryn returned to her craft after serving as the US Ambassador to Austria. By 2003, she and her husband, Craig, had acquired the historic St Helena Bergfeld Winery, a Napa Valley classic with a 150-year history and was once producing 40% of the area’s wines.    

Today, they have expanded their operations to include Rutherford Winery and more than 500 acres of Bordeaux varietals. Here’s a quick peek inside:

St. Helena

Located in a small town of the same name, St. Helena’s stunning 33-acre property represents a classic image of Napa Valley: rolling, sun-kissed hills, lush green landscapes, old-world architecture, and a backdrop of mountains that are begging to be explored. 

St. Helena is a destination for art lovers and wine drinkers alike, thanks to an extensive collection of sculptures, contemporary art, and architecture. Everywhere you turn offers a pleasant, surprising piece of intrigue.

Guests can indulge in the daily HALLmark tasting tour, lounge on the Great Lawn, and wander through the art collections that make this place unique. They also offer Members Only services, including a lounge, private seated tastings, and exclusive wines.


Located in the heart of wine country, Rutherford is the epitome of romance, inspiration, and wine country hospitality. The facility is dedicated to small batch production that allows winemakers to micromanage every detail of the production for a truly unmatched experience. 

Rutherford is also the site for the highly anticipated appellation exploration, one of the most distinguished of its kind in Napa Valley. This unique wine tasting gives guests a front-row seat to some of the most limited-edition wines, along with a peek at the vineyard and chef-curated bites that pair perfectly with the featured wines.