Haute Handbags

Wildcatters are all about great investments, and there is no better investment for your wardrobe than a quality handbag (or ten!).

(I’ve always been told) A quality handbag is a great investment. No one will care that your shoes are from TJ Maxx when you have a new Gucci bag on your arm. It’s a smart staple that will complete (your wardrobe/any outfit??). A designer statement dress or necklace can be hard to re-wear, but a designer handbag can be re-worn daily and most importantly, transition from daytime to evening with ease. (Here are some) Below are are a few Wildcatter tips to keep in mind when choosing a good investment bag.

Stick with leather

Leather is easy to clean and ages really well. There is no second place here! Must choose leather.

Size matters

The bigger the better! A designer handbag is made to be large and make a subtle statement. It should be worn on your arm, not your shoulder.

Remain Neutral

It’s important to be Switzerland when choosing your investment bag. Pantone (aka green) may be the fashion color of 2017, but it isn’t going to translate to next season. Stick to shades of nude, grey or black.

Leave Behind the Large Logos

Though you want a quality, high-end bag, it doesn’t need to scream the brand in your face. Subtle with a small logo is preferred, and will help you remain classic chic.